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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes, please let your pit bull do whatever it wants.

So last night, imagine my surprise when I looked out my dining room window and saw two giant pitbulls in my driveway!  I thumped on the window and told them to get out of here, and since they apparently noticed my fear, they decided to stay.  They even came up on my porch to visit.  Even though leash laws are clearly posted in our neighborhood, these two muscled beasts were just running around, having the time of their lives intimidating everyone.  The part that bugged me was that I have seen one of the dogs often in the neighborhood, roaming freely.  Never on my street, though, and never in my own yard.  No unwelcome guests should be on my property, much less menacing death machines.  I mean, dogs.  I was home alone with the kids, and it was still the time of day they are playing outside. We like to spend time on the porch but it was taken over by these dogs.  They are obviously owned by someone, and this person doesn't have the decency to keep their dog confined, according to the law.  Do they care about my safety or the safety of my kids? Apparently not. Like many people in our culture today, they don't care about anyone but themselves. 
So I called the Yelm Police.  I called them because when I called Yelm Animal Control, their offices wer closed.  So I spoke with the police.  The officer on duty called me back and said they don't handle domestic animals, and to call animal control.  I asked him what to do if its after hours.  His answer was he wasn't sure.  So this morning, I called Yelm Animal Control.  I was informed that since we are just outside city limits, we're not in their jurisdiction.  Call Thurston County Animal Control.  So I did that.  I heard the words I have quickly gotten used to about this matter...they don't handle this.  Apparently, according to TCAC, no one is contracted to handle animal problems in this area of the county.  The police said they can't do it, Yelm said they can't do it, Thurston County said they can't.  I asked for reasons.  He said while it is still against the law for the animals to be running around loose, there is no one to enforce it.  So why the crap even say its against the law?  I am incredibly frustrated.  Its not just an issue of someone's stray chihuahua.  These two dogs are very large, and were racing around, snarling, scaring my dog and everyone else on the street. 
So, with the encouragement of TCAC, I called my commisioner.  I am not hopeful, but it would be nice if someone there actually cared and tried to help me figure out what to do in situations like this.  How helpless do I feel knowing that no one can do anything??  Yelm charges pit owners $500 a year for owning them, but then they don't care what they allow them to do?  Ridiculous. 
I know a lot of people think pit bulls get bad raps, yadda yadda, and I'ms ure there are nice ones.  But I am still going to be extremely intimidated by them if they are running wild.  And I don't think I should have to just be okay with no one doing anything about it.  According to the police, I have to wait until my life is in danger for them to intercede.  Which is awesome. 
If anyone else cares about this, contact out commisioner, Karen Valenzuela, at 360-786-5440, about changing this "decision" of theirs to have no enforcement.

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  1. In my humble opinion, stray chihuahuas can be intimidating!
    Seriously though, that is BS!! America's legal system at its finest, again! Pit bulls have a bad rap for a reason. The majority of their owners have them just for the intimidation factor.
    I'm calling!!