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I'm Beth. I'm married to my best friend, and he's pretty awesome. We have two equally awesome kids, Gavin and Sophie.

Friday, August 16, 2013

My sweet gift

Today was momma-daughter date day. :)  Since I spend the majority of every single day with Sophie, we don't really "do" that.  She's had a date with daddy before, but the movie theater in town is having a buy one get one free matinee movie tickets on Fridays, and I love me a deal!  So I asked Sophie if she'd like to go to a movie this Friday, just her and me.  She was super excited and has been mentioning it all week.
She woke up super early and immediately got ready for "her date".  We went and saw the movie Planes.  It was pretty cute!  Sophie had a great time and ate too much candy. 
After the movie, we went right on over to get her hair cut because she had her first self inflicted hair cut last night.  I have never worried about that before, because she knows the rule with scissors and is such a good girl.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about accidents.  Sophie didn't think about it either, and was scared to tell me she accidentally cut off some hair while she was making puppets.  Poor little thing cried and cried...but it didn't look too bad and she got a professional fix so all was well.  Then we went out to lunch, and she told me "mom I don't want to go home yet". :)  Which was surprising to me.  I mean...she is with me all day, every day.  It touched my heart that she was so happy to be spending quality time with me.  I realized though, that so much of the time its quantity, and not always quality.  She has to run my errands with me, be with me while I do chores.  Do I ever dedicate a day to doing only what she wants, even if its "wasting" productive time? Not usually.  So I happily took her to the dollar store, which is where she asked to go. (You know you live in a smaller town when having a Dollar Tree open up is exciting news.)  She got herself one of their little carts, told me she is the mommy today, and I needed to follow her.  So i did.  Since I had no real agenda while we were there, I also got to observe the other shoppers.  Like the young man who kept telling the toddler boy with him to shut it.  And the kids who wouldn't stop whining and asking for everything and then throwing fits when their mom told them no.  And the mom who had a bunch of kids with her in front of us in line who was telling the cashier how awful her 6 kids were, and how they don't listen and won't keep their grubby hands to themselves, while she also told them to shut up. :(  I don't know what was happening in these people's lives to cause these attitudes/actions I witnessed.  But I do know that listening to that particular mother made me look down at my sweet little girl, waiting patiently in line beside me, and thank God for her.  So often I'm busy, and rushed trying to get everything done.  I like to think I take time to savor the moments with her and appreciate her but I know that I don't always think about it.  I know I don't speak as harshly to her as I heard this other mother speaking to her kids, but maybe sometimes I make her feel less than important just by not paying attention.  So I'm glad we had this day for her to be assured that she is one of God's most precious gifts to me.  I'm glad she looked at me when she heard those things and said "momma I love you" and I was so happy I was able to let her know I love her, too.  And walking out to the car with her, holding hands, was one of my favorite parts of my day.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This Kid...

I had a c-section.
I'm pretty sure I've discussed this with Sophie before.  Not in detail, but she's asked before about coming out of my tummy.  I'm not sure when this information left her mind, but tonight she brought up her birth again.  She said "mom. I came out of your tummy right? Do babies just drop out on the floor?" I don't know where she got *that*, but I told her that maybe some babies do (haha), but that they had to cut open my belly to get her out.  
Maybe I should not have just busted out that info like that, but really I thought she'd remember.  Her eyes got gigantic.  Bigger than normal.  "What? Who? Who cut me out? What did they cut you open with??"  I told her it didn't hurt, and a doctor did it who was trained how to do that sort of thing.  They gave me fancy awesome medicine that ladies get when they need babies cut out of their tummies and I felt nothing!  
That did not satisfy her, because she sat and thought a while, and then starts crying.  "Momma I am never going to have a baby!"  I told her she didn't have to, and she calmed down and I figured that was the end of it.
Nope!  About half an hour later Sophie said "mom. I do not ever want to be a grown up."  I don't blame her.  But I asked why, and she said that she doesn't want to have to have a baby in her tummy.  I told her "well, you really don't have to have any babies if you don't want any when you grow up."  She is whimper-y by this point and says "I am too scared to have my tummy cut open! It will hurt and I hate shots even!"  She thinks about it and says "I will tell the nice boy I am going to marry that I do not want any babies.  And he'll say okay, and if he doesn't say okay, I'm going to come stay at your house."  
Sounds good to me!
We then got on the subject of this 'nice boy' she is going to marry.  She told me she wants it to be someone she already met who doesn't have a girlfriend.  GEEZ. Raising a girl.  Who knew?