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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check up

Today we had Sophie's 4 year check up at the doctor.  I can't believe she's going to be 4 in just a couple weeks...ridiculous. 
Sophie did great.  She weighs 42 pounds and is 42 inches tall...so in the 90th percentile for both!  I told her doc that people always say "Oh my gosh she's only THREE?!" like I gave birth to the child of the Jolly Green Giant or something, and she just rolled her eyes and said "she's perfect".  She proportional, so not to worry! Which I knew but is always so good to hear from a smarty pants.  She had Sophie spell her name, hop on one foot, talk about dressing herself (no problem, Sophie was wearing her pink camo wool socks and water shoes, if she needed any proof that Sophie does, indeed, dress herself).  She was impressed that Sophie wrote her name for her, and doubly impressed when she told the doc what to do in an emergency (call 911!!). 
The doctor was delighted with most everything else. :)  She was happy with us eating paleo, which is so nice to hear.  Sophie's last pediatrician had no idea how Sophie would ever grow or use her brain without a diet full of wheat, so it was nice that this doctor knew what "paleo" was, and actually showed approval over it.  Success! (Not that it matters, either...I made it clear to the un-believer that I'm the parent so I'll feed her/raise her/discipline her/do whatever I want the way I see best, and I'd do the same if this one doubted me as well;). ) 
We had to go over to the lab to have blood work to check for anemia "real quick" after the appointment, because Sophie has been anemic in the past so we always have to keep up with that.  The lab was packed!  The receptionist gave Sophie some paper and crayons and Sophie announced very loudly that she was drawing Loki and Thor.  The teenage boy across from us looked at her in admiration.  Finally when we got back there Sophie got her finger stuck and then squeezed and squeezed for blood to fill up a tube.  She just sat and stared though, so I was a pretty proud mama. The lab techs said she was awesome and that the "big girl" before her had to be held down (she was maybe 18). 
The only thing that wasn't the best was that she failed her eye test. :( Noooooooo.  I have been hoping and hoping she wouldn't get my bad eyes...I had to schedule a follow up with an eye doctor to have her tested more thoroughly.  I hope she doesn't need glasses already! Sad day.
Overall it was a success for my big girl. :)