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I'm Beth. I'm married to my best friend, and he's pretty awesome. We have two equally awesome kids, Gavin and Sophie.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stinky Guts

Man. Time goes too fast.  My mister and I are always looking at each other and laughing over the funny things Sophie says to us, or the ways she mispronounces words, and he often tells me we need to write these things down! 
Because sooner than we think these days will be over, and we won't remember these things that we find unforgettable right now.  I'm realizing just how quickly these years pass by.  There's a thing going around on facebook about only having this day with your kids once.  And as I see my nieces grown up: some going off to college, others graduating college, getting married (!!), moving away...I realize it more than ever.  It was just a few short years ago that they were tiny.  Tiny little girls whose nails I painted and hair I braided.  And now they're the grown ups.  And I look at my sweet little Sophie and see them in her.  And I see that today is the only today I get with her.  Tomorrow, she'll be one day older.  Its not a sad thing.  Its a good reminder to cherish everything as its happening.  She is so funny and creative.  When she's grown up, and knows the right words to use and how to say things, she'll probably have lost a little of her wild imagination.  And I want to remember it. 
Just tonight, tucking her in we had the cutest little conversation and I made the decision right there to come straight to the computer after I left her room and record it.  One day I will be able to look back and remember "oh yeah!"  She has a thing where she tells me she loves me "with all her guts".  Its changed, from just plain guts, to "I love you with all my guts, but not the stinky ones." Here's tonight's bedtime convo:
"Mom, I love you. So much.  With all my guts, but not the stinky ones.  The shiny ones. They shine like jewels!"
Me: "I love you with all my guts too."
Sophie: "I love you more than jewels that are shiny like my guts. And more than princess dresses.  And more than Juno puppy! And more than the Avengers and Loki and Spiderman! And more than the color green!...I also love the dog though. Oh and since daddy farts a lot, I love him with my guts that are a little stinky, with fart balls of air around them. And I love Gavin with my hairy guts. And the dog with my stinky dog licky guts. But remember, I love you more than shiny jewels."
How could I not love all of that?!