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Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh my daughter is such a little fart.  I can get so frustrated with her normal 3 year old stuff, but its so great that when the rest of my life seems pretty stressful/not fun, she can say something to make me crack up.  She is like a ray of sunshine!  Today she came up with a bunch of silly stuff, but one of my favorites was when we were running errands.  We had just dropped a box off at Goodwill, and Sophie said:
"Mommy, do you love Goodwill? Is Goodwill your best lady?"
I laughed and laughed and she said "I do. I love Goodwill.  But Goodwill is not my best lady.  Daddy is my best lady."
More uncontrolled laughing on my part...
I informed her that daddy is not, in fact, a lady.  She said "Daddy can have a moustache because boys have moustaches.  But he can be a lady because sometimes ladies have moustaches too and when you see them you say YUCK."

how could that little stinker not crack you up??

Thank you Sophie, for making my day better.
And she's right about the ladies with moustaches.

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