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Monday, January 16, 2012

Over Halfway Through!

I cannot believe it.  We're 16 days into it...over halfway through our 30 days and I am SO over craving the crap.  Which pretty much makes me speechless.  I did not think that would change.  Get better, maybe, but not go away entirely. 
(Let me clarify...I still have delicious dreams about coffee.  I will never include coffee in the "crap" family, and it will be returning to me when these days are done.)
For the first week of this, I wanted ice cream/something really bad for me like you wouldn't believe.  I have always had a hard time telling myself I *couldn't* have something, because that only made me want to eat it.  And I would inevitably fail.  Having Ernie do this Whole30 thing with me, though, has been the biggest help.  He definitely has conviction so it is easier NOT to cheat when I know he's doing the same thing I am.  (Of course, he is in shape and lookin good, so whatever.)  Anyway, first week, wanted to cry.  Second week, it started to get better but if someone put me in a room with some Tim's Salt and Vinegar potato chips or some Cherry Garcia, it would be on. 
However NOW...today is day 16.  A couple nights ago I realized, as I was sitting on the couch being an old lady (crocheting) -- I just want my yummy paleo food.  I love the stuff I cook and I don't want to replace it with anything!  That is huge for me.  H-U-G-E.  I don't feel like "making it through" these 30 days and then hopping off the wagon into a pile of sugar and processed foods.  It just doesn't sound appealing.  That is so beyond exciting to me!  Time is flying by faster and I can't wait to see the changes that we've made begin to show. 

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