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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's go to Joe's!

First off, my daughter is hilarious.  I'm not sure if she is actually that funny to everyone, or if its just me, but regardless, she makes me laugh frequently.  (Which, I think, was God's design to get me through all the non-funny moments.)
We were just driving home from getting a few things we needed at Walmart when Sophie asked where we were going.  When I told her home, she said "no, I think we really really need to go to Joe's!"  Country Joe's is the little convenience store down the street from our neighborhood, and since it was pretty cute to me that she had a strong opinion about it, I took her there. 
I gave her 2 bucks to get a treat inside, and she was overly excited to go in.  Bong is the man who works at Joe's, and he is obviously from somewhere in Asia, and has an accent.  Sophie put her drink on the counter and Bong was very nice to her and talked to her a bunch.  As soon as we got outside the door, Sophie told me "he even speaks English!"
All I could think (while I laughed)  was that I was glad she waited until we got out of the store. :)

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