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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Okay, so...I've been having an alright day.  I took Gavin to school, got a good run in, put Sophie down for a nap and even watched a show while I had lunch.  Then I got in the shower.  All very relaxing. 
I guess that, although Sophie is doing well with potty-training, she decided it would be fun to poop during nap time instead of sleep.  AND, she also thought that it was too spicy for her butt so she stuck her hands in it because it "didnt feel gwood mama".  So I got to throw her in the bathtub and scrub her skin off (okay, I didn't scrub it off, but believe me I was tempted...yuck!), then I had to strip her sheets off and wash them along with all her precious blankies.  I have to make sure they are clean and ready by bedtime or there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  So I hurried through that, because I am sort of on a time schedule this afternoon and neither of those things was in my plans.  At all.  Thanks, Soph. 
We got that fiasco taken care of, clean clothes put on and all of that, and ran down the street to get some gas so we'd be able to make it to small group.  And my debit card was denied!  Not only that, but I had gone inside to pay, so I found out it was denied *after* I went back out to the pump and was trying to pump gas.  How did I find out?  Bong (honestly, that is his name) the guy that works there came out the door and YELLED across the (crowded) parking lot "miss, your card, denied.  DENIED.  Can't pump!"  I had to dig through my purse and find cash, which took up a bunch more time...while my cheeks are bright red of course because it looks like I'm someone who gets their card denied.  Anyway.  I came home and called the bank, because my account for sure has money in it.  After being on hold forever, the lady said "oh, I see the problem.  Your card isn't activated.  When you got your new card, you needed to activate it."  Odd, because I've been USING IT all month, just fine.  She said "oh hm.  Well do you want to activate it?"  Well, yeah.  I do.  I want to be able to use it.  So she transferred me to their activation line.  Which then hung up on me.

How long did all this take?  An hour and a half.  I'm pretty much over today.

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