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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Curse you cold and flu season!

I did everyone at church today at big favor by staying home. Not only do I think they would appreciate not catching my super-cold, but I also think the frequent coughing up of my lungs would interfere with ya know, listening/singing/etc. So, you're welcome Reality Olympia! :) I have been doing really well, health-wise, since taking my new vitamins. I've been feeling great! Ernie is a freak of nature and never gets sick, so when we *both* got sick this last week, I was a little surprised. I'm used to getting every single cold, stomach bug, etc., that we are exposed to, but like I said -- I've actually been taking my vitamins every day like a good little girl, something I have never been good at. And so I have surprisingly skipped a few sicknesses. This one must be a tough one though! It has gotten progressively worse for me through the week. Which means I have not gotten a work out in all week. In the not so distant past, I would have been pretty pleased to have a legitimate excuse to skip exercising, but these past few days with no working out or running have gotten me pretty bummed. Which is weird, and makes me think....who is this person?? I have actually asked Ernie each day "do you think its okay to work out today? I didn't get to yesterday." And he keeps telling me he doesn't think its a good idea. Instead of cheering in my head and going happily to do something non-exercisey, I've been let down! Creeeepy. So, I've spent the morning in my jammies, drinking my coffee (my cheat while eating paleo...sorry, me and the coffee beans will always be together), and planning our meals for the week. What is my husband doing while he's sick? Roto-tilling the back yard. We all use our "down time" in different ways... Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sit on the couch with a blanket and plenty of fluids.

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