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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Someone else's shoes

I will be the first to say I know nothing about politics. The reason for that is...I have no interest in them. I'm sure that I should. I'm an adult and an American so I should know what's going on in our country. But we can't change that right now, so let's get past that. I don't think that anyone can come in and have a magic fix-all to VOILA make everything in our country sunshine and rainbows. I don't know the specifics of this new healthcare bill, because I haven't wanted to research it. However. I daily read statuses and comments on facebook that get under my skin. I in no way think it is a true statement to say that people who don't have, or can't afford, health insurance, don't deserve it. Not everyone on government assistance is a low life. Not everyone without a job, or receiving aid from the government is lazy, or a criminal. And I think sometimes, people fail to realize this. I may not have understood this until I was in the situation. I'm not asking people to change their beliefs, at all. I'm just asking for some understanding. And some courtesy. Everyone I'm friends with on facebook is there for a reason. Its because I actually, at some point, have actually liked the person. Reading such mean things makes me like them a little less. I'm not singling out the people against this healthcare reform as the only ones who bug me. But this is the most recent thing, and something that people seem to be most passionate about lately, and its a subject that I am sensitive about. Say you disagree, that is great! I love living in a country where everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want! Can you just try and put yourself in someone else's shoes? I don't have healthcare. Neither does my husband. We can't afford it. Our kids have healthcare, luckily, because we receive it for them through state assistance. I am not saying this is ideal, because its not, but I am very thankful that they aren't without coverage. According to the government, we make too much money to have state assistance for myself or my husband. Yes, even though we are on unemployment right now. There is a program where you can get state assistance healthcare that you pay for each month, unfortunately, they are no longer taking applications because they are full. When my husband was working his full time job, his company did not even offer a healthcare plan. We were pretty much stuck. I had insurance at my job. Which I had to quit, on my doctor's advice, when I was just a few months pregnant because I was so sick that I couldn't work. We don't need to discuss my family's decisions or anything like that. I do want to say that we are good people. We aren't criminals, we are law-abiding citizens. I don't even download music illegally. :P We pay taxes. We pay our bills on time and we take really good care of our kids. We teach them to follow rules and be kind to others. And I just wish everyone else could be kind, as well. Please think about how you would feel if you had no access to healthcare. Its pretty scary. If something went terribly wrong, we have no coverage. If I got a serious illness, we have no coverage. Do you think that makes me feel good? Or secure? I just don't want to read how in some people eyes, I suck. I'm not on the side of the liberals, I'm not on the side of the conservatives. And personally, I think to be so set in one way or the other is missing the point. I would really hope that people could budge a little, if "their side" wasn't going the right way. I know many Republicans who would really believe a Republican leader if they said it rains lemonade. I know Democrats who are the same way...if Obama said the sky is green, they would be the first to try to convince everyone that that statement is true. I'm sure this is a little rambling. I just feel sensitive about the whole issue. Can I say it again? Let's just try and put ourselves in the "other side's" shoes sometimes.

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