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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bam! Bacon!

I feel Sophie's little pearl of wisdom from yesterday deserves it's own blog post.  We were driving out to pick Gavin up from school, and we drive through a lot of farm land.  This got her talking about farm animals...
"Mom.  We should get a pig.  Not a boy pig, because they're mean, but a girl pig.  So we should get a girl pig, and when the pig gets all the way fat...BAM -- bacon!"

Man, she's so smart. 
I've tried to let her know about how we get meat, and apparently she sort of gets the concept.

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  1. Hey, are you pro-bacon or against bacon?
    I've somewhere got the doctor's name that through his studies has labelled anything from pig as bad for every blood type.

    Interested to hear, because more recently I spoke with a seemingly healthy family who eat good, clean pork as the mother works for a pork company.