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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Motivation ever!

So I did the shred today. As anyone who's done it...or any Jillian Michael's work out, for that matter...its hard. Today, it was pretty brutal. I'm sick, so I was hacking and wheezing the whole time. Really, I wanted to stop. However, when I put the DVD in, Sophie got so excited about "essercise"! At this point she was wearing Hello Kitty socks and a pull-up. She started swinging her arms around and hoping up and down, then informed me she needed to go "get some shoesies on". She came back in her black patent tap shoes, so at that point, she was ready to work out. She did the entire work out with me..and when I say that, I of course mean a 2 1/2 year old interpretation of it (which looks super cute, and way more fun). At one point, she stopped bouncing around and said "why you sweatin' mama?" I told her "because its so HARD!" she said "oh no mama, its not too hard, you can do it!" Best motivation ever!! What a cutie pie. She had such a concerned look on her face. I asked her if she could do it, and her response was "oh, sure! Of course I can!" Which was just great. I didn't have the urge to quit anymore! And I want her to keep having that mindset of of course I can! I want her to get that from me! If I keep at it, and don't quit, she's going to believe that much more in herself too. So, as I said, best motivation I could ever think of. Thanks baby girl! :)

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