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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Having a one year old

It is a little weird to think about having a one year old. We have moved past having a baby, and I feel are officially in the 'toddler' stage, since she does now in fact toddle. I didn't cry about planning our little girl's 1st birthday party (like I know alot of people do), and really that is because it was not something I was dreading. I have been looking forward to Sophie reaching this next stage, probably since about the 3rd night of her constant screaming as a newborn. Having a baby is always wonderful but lets face it, some infants are more pleasant than others and I am quite pleased to have a happier and more independent child. I'm happy to be done with formula and look forward to one day in the hopefully not too distant future, being done with diapers. I love that Sophie seems to know what we are saying to her, and can interact with us and even tell us stuff! As I type this she is sitting nearby, "reading" a Washington Driver's Guide and being adorable and most importantly, quiet. :) She doesn't need me to hold her up in that sitting position she is in...she doesn't even need me to carry her to where she wants to go! In fact, if she was hungry, I could hand her some food and she could feed herself. How great! Not to say I want to just be a lazy mom and do the bare minimum. I just want to say that I greatly appreciate all the skills our sweet little girl has learned and I am happy about this one year milestone she reached this month. Here's to the next big steps she takes!

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